Hello and welcome to my site!

Cartoons and caricatures are my passion! So why have I spent years working for an electrical utility? Well, in order to eat, which is another activity I really enjoy.

I started drawing when I was 3, which kept my mom busy washing the walls of our apartment. Meanwhile my father, being an artist himself, taught me some basic drawing skills and encouraged me. Already at school, I was doing caricatures of my teachers in the margins of my notebooks and showing them to my classmates. I discovered from the guffaws that I could make people laugh!

I've become more serious since then. Well, somewhat more serious. Some good courses helped me hone my skills and sharpen my pencils! My drawings have appeared in various publications. For example:

. Many private clients (caricatures made from pictures for varied occasions, cartoons for presentations and websites, etc.)

. French magazine ''Science et pseudo-sciences'' http://www.pseudo-sciences.org

. The Wittenburg Door (September/Octobre 2006) http://www.WittenburgDoor.com

. Tennessee Department of Health, USA

. Specialists' Union of Hydro-Québec

. O'Keefe & Associates, Michigan, USA

. MediMedia Educational Group, New Jersey, USA

. Magazine of the Order of Psychologists of Québec

. Québec Translators Society magazine

. TV Guide (where I won two readers' contests)

. At Hydro-Québec (as Québec's electrical utility is known):

. Employees' magazine "Hydro-Presse"

. Audio-visual presentations

. Two bulletins published by the Union of Specialists

. "L'interactif," a publication for managers

. Intranet Guide, on the Intranet

. Poster for the annual golf tournament

. Cartoons on the Intranet

In 2000, my drawings were featured regularly on Hydro-Québec's Intranet site. You'll find a good number of these cartoons in the Archive section of the Toon of the Day.


I'm entirely at your disposal

Humor is an antidote to stress. Messages get across better with a humorous touch, tensions are relieved with a joke.

 . Do you want an effective illustration for a publication, a website or a presentation?

. Are you're keen on increasing the number of visitors to your Internet or your Intranet site?

. Do you have posters to prepare, greeting cards to send?

. You'd like a caricature of someone made from his or her picture?

. You have comments on my drawings or my site?


. Don't hesitate to contact me at: reneel @ aei .ca


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